Increase efficiency and security of operations for Funds services


  • Compliance management - manage easily the growing number of documents by a custom-tailored lifecycle solution, complying with your local regulatory requirements
  • Multi-fund management - improve the organisation and execution of multiple Board meetings
  • Optimised collaboration - materialise decisions and accelerate follow-ups by using voting functionalities and digital signing of meeting minutes

Bring your Funds services to the next level of competitiveness


  • Mobility - digitalise Board communication through a user-friendly solution, providing secure online and offline access 
  • Multi-mandate - enable the Directors’ overview and management of multiple Board assignments
  • No information leakage - ensure confidentiality of your Board communication and decision bodies

Facilitate the life of your Funds administrators


  • Paperless communication - electronically communicate and exchange documents with your members and clients
  • Governance of complex structures - accommodate our platform to your specific needs and structures
  • Steady interaction with your clients - keep track of and enhance the communication with your customer base