Your Board members' access to Loomion's Board Room

Board members access our Board Portal through a mobile app or an internet browser for one or several of their mandates. Loomion Board portal mobile apps are available for Apple iPad, Apple iPhone and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Download of twelve Directors Portal for Microsoft Windows
Get twelve mobile for a free test drive - the mobile interface for loomion Board Portal and collaborative platform
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This is all about your next meeting: Where is it? When is it? How will you get there? What documents do you have to review? What else will you need?

Easily find the documents you were recently reviewing, sign digitally and participate in the collaboration with your peers.

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My Meetings

This screen displays each of your committees’ meetings, together with all documents essential for that meeting.

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Working with documents

Read your important documents, highlight facts, underline content of importance and add your ideas as annotations

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Search and find

Loomion Board Management solutions offer full-text search of all documents. Type, find, read ... and decide.

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Polls, votings & surveys

Take part in votings and discussions on documents, e.g. circular resolutions, and vote on public or secret surveys.

Your Board office's access to Loomion's Board Room

Thumbnail twelve Admin for your Board office

When Loomion Board software was developed, a lot of thought was spent on how the life of the Board secretariat can be made easier. The platform covers the daily tasks of the Board office:

  • Meeting management – easy scheduling, creating and inviting participants to Board meetings
  • Document management – management of document lifecycle for meetings, information and individual files
  • Board binder – one-click creation of personalised Board binders
  • Collaboration – efficient voting, digital signature and review of documents
  • Multiple-board management – administrate all Boards in a centralised location